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Monoprint project with Gary Justis is underway

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Manneken Press is buzzing with activity this month as Gary Justis works on a group of new monoprints.

In 2011 Gary Justis created a series of monoprints based on chandelier images, and this new group of monoprints continues in the same vein, utilizing stainless steel plates cut into chandelier profiles.  Justis was able to “draw” the images with a plasma torch. The distinctive edge left by the plasma torch on the metal creates a unique surface which comes into play in interesting ways during the printing process.

Manneken Press, Gary Justis, monoprint

Ink is applied to the chandelier form which is printed on paper. In some cases the sheet has a ground previously printed from a sheet of plywood.  Each print is treated as a unique work, and the chandelier form can be re-inked and printed over a previously printed image several times.

Manneken Press, mono print, Gary Justis
Manneken Press, Gary Justis, monoprint

Above, artist Gary Justis inspects one of his freshly printed monoprints.

Work on this project will continue through March, 2016, and the prints will be released shortly thereafter.

Gary Justis at LACDA

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Gary Justis, LACDA, digital art,

“Portrait of Third Crown” (left), by Gary Justis, at LACDA.

An archival pigment print by Gary Justis is on view now in the exhibition “Electron Salon”at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Jan. 14 – Feb. 20, 2016.

LACDA, 104 E 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA.




Gary Justis’ digital works at Lens Culture

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Digital works by Gary Justis can now be seen on the Lens Culture website. Follow this link to view Gary’s page: https://www.lensculture.com/gary-justis.

Gary Justis’s monoprints published by Manneken Press in 2011 can be viewed here: http://www.mannekenpress.com/artists-3/gary-justis-page/gary-justis-grid/.

Watch this space for new monotypes by Gary Justis in the first half of 2016!