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Judy Ledgerwood’s Chromatic Patterns After the Graham Foundation is a suite of three relief prints with lithography and aluminum dust. The prints are closely related to Ledgerwood’s 2013 “Chromatic Patterns for the Graham Foundation”a site-specific installation in the foundation’s Prairie Style mansion in Chicago.

Ledgerwood's inspiration was Morton Feldman's 1981 composition for cello and piano "Patterns In A Chromatic Field" which employs tightly repeated motifs that are almost, but not quite, identical- a sloppy canon in which the slop assumes an erratic structure of its own. Ledgerwood took the metaphorical Chromatic Field of Feldman's title and made it literal; the breaks in Feldman's composition became doorways from one room to another; time- the distance between one part of the composition and another- was replaced with space, at least for the two months that the exhibition lasted.

Susan TallmanArt In Print, March-April 2015, Volume 4, No. 6

The three prints, resplendent in fluorescent red, orange and pink, and the sparkle of metallic silver, echo the colors and patterns Ledgerwood utilized at the Graham Foundation and serve as a permanent record of the ephemeral installation.  They are printed in editions of 20. A separate deluxe edition was also produced for a portfolio:  “Chromatic Patterns After the Graham Foundation” portfolio includes Ledgerwood’s three prints and a poem by John Yau, housed in a beautiful custom portfolio case designed by Jason Pickleman, and is limited to eight sets.

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