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"In 2020 Judy was to spend a week making monotypes on-site at Manneken Press, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to alter this plan and re-imagine the project. Since travel was unsafe we decided to take a remote approach: I prepared Plexiglas plates and sent them to Judy where she worked on them in her home studio, painting on them directly with watercolor and gouache paints. On a sanded surface the water-based paint flows evenly and the impermeable plexi allows the colors to pool, run together and dry in unique patterns and textures that are distinctly different from working in an unmediated manner on paper. Once the plates were dry Judy carefully wrapped them and shipped them back to Manneken Press where they were printed. Using damp paper causes the water-based media to reactivate and the pressure of the press transfers it to the paper with great fidelity to the original image, though the image is reversed. In this process about 90% of the material transfers to the paper, resulting in a unique monotype print."

Jonathan HigginsDirector, Manneken Press
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