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Ted Kincaid

Orb Cluster 1 and Orb Cluster 2 are two photogravure images by Ted Kincaid printed in ten different variations, each in an edition of six.

The Orb Cluster images began as drawings Kincaid created on his computer which he then then printed out on his desktop printer.  Pinning a drawing to the wall, he photographed it with a view camera, blurring and softening the image in the camera.  The artist’s original negatives were used to create the two photogravure plates.  At Manneken Press, Kincaid chose five 2-color combinations for each image: a relief plate was rolled with the first  transparent color and printed, followed by the photogravure plate inked in a 2nd color.

The Orb Cluster 1 and Orb Cluster 2 prints are printed on Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper in editions of six.