Exhibition: “From The Garden: New Prints by Catherine Howe”

Manneken Press presents “From The Garden: New Prints by Catherine Howe”, an online exhibition of new prints by NYC artist Catherine Howe. “From The Garden: New Prints by Catherine Howe” is a selection prints recently published by Manneken Press. The 24 works in the exhibition include monotypes and collagraph prints made during the artist’s visit to Manneken Press in April 2019. The online exhibition is available to view on Artsy now through September 15, 2019. Known…

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Ingenious Alchemy: Kate Petley’s Monoprints

Kate Petley "Overture" monoprints,published by Manneken Press

“Ingenious Alchemy: Kate Petley’s Monoprints”, is featured on Artsy through March 15th. The exhibition is a selection of monoprints Petley has produced during her several visits to Manneken Press since 2103. The prints feature Petley’s signature intense colors and strong geometric forms and compositions. Three images from the artist’s “Overture” series, published in 2018, are shown above. View the exhibition here. Kate was recently interviewed by Liz Miller for her blog: “‘I want the hint of…

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Congratulations to Ted Kincaid on his Solo Exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art

“Even if I Lose Everything,” Ted Kincaid’s first solo museum exhibition, will be on view at the Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia from November 17, 2018, to January 13, 2019. Ted Kincaid has focused his artistic practice on the exploration and exploitation of photography’s tug-of-war between reality and artistic truth. He uses digital media both to create manufactured “photographs” and to deconstruct and radically reorder segments of photograph into pure color…

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Carlos Andrade: Mixed-Media Monotypes, 2009-2016

Carlos Andrade, Manneken Press, monotype, mixed media, unique print

Manneken Press presents mixed-media monotypes by Carlos Andrade A collection of Carlos Andrade’s monotypes is featured on our Artsy site through January 15th, 2019. This online exhibition can be viewed here. Andrade’s distinctive unorthodox approach to printmaking is evident in his use of fabrics, meshes, cording and plastics as textural, linear and color elements, combined with traditional relief and collagraph techniques. The exhibition includes several large diptych prints. Works made at Manneken Press from 2009 –…

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A successful Expo, and a new project underway…

Manneken Press booth at Expo Chicago

Chicago is a great city and Expo is an art fair worthy of its greatness. Thank you to the many people who visited our booth at Expo Chicago, and especially to those who purchased some prints. With great pride, we presented works produced at Manneken Press in the past four years, most of which had never been shown in Chicago before. The works by Judy Ledgerwood and Richard Hull drew people into the booth, where…

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Richard Hull reviewed in Hyperallergic

Richard Hull, Manneken Press, etching, Tuesday,

John Yau reviews Richard Hull’s current solo exhibition for Hyperallergic In Richard Hull’s Hall of Mirrors, Yau writes about Hull‘s “funny, weird, seductive, robust, mysterious, saucy, and nearly impossible to decipher” paintings and sculpture now on view in Chicago at Western Exhibitions. Hull’s recent etchings “Tuesday” (which was recently acquired by the WVU Art Museum) and “Wednesday”, published by Manneken Press in 2017, are also included in the exhibition. Link to Yau‘s previous writing on…

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Fuzzy Logic: Prints by Ted Kincaid 1998 – 2008

Manneken Press presents “Fuzzy Logic: Prints by Ted Kincaid 1998 – 2008” This online exhibition of the extensive body of work by Ted Kincaid published by Manneken Press can be viewed here. Over the course of his thirty-year career, Ted Kincaid’s work has included minimalist grids and fields of pattern, abstracted clouds and con trails, icebergs and shipwrecks, landscapes and the moon. With the singular mission of questioning the veracity of the photographic image, he…

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