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Exhibition: “Wallflower: New Monotypes by Catherine Howe”

By June 12, 2024June 22nd, 2024Catherine Howe, Exhibition
Catherine Howe: "Wallflower Monotype (Blue/Yellow/Shimmer Black No. 2)", 2024. Monotype, 39 1/2" x 27 5/8".

Manneken Press presents Wallflower: New Monotypes by Catherine Howe. This online exhibition is featured on Artsy through September 1, 2024.

Catherine Howe’s unique polychromatic prints represent an exultant visceral catharsis which punctuates the end of a period of extreme isolation for the artist.

After the shared solitude of the Covid outbreak, Howe was further sidelined by a diagnosis of blood cancer. Excluded from socializing while undergoing treatment, she spent three years experimenting freely in the studio and garden that surrounds it with her silent companions: the local flora and fauna.

The results are a dazzling array of flower figures which are non-existent in nature, springing wholly, exuberantly from the painter herself. They move in lush, variegated brushstrokes across the dark paper, whirling on mysteriously luminous fields, evoking ideas of longing, optimism and rebirth. To create her “Wallflower” monotypes Howe used acrylic inks, the matte surface of which contrasts against the subtle black metallic sheen of the paper.

“Howe’s forms project the cloud-like innocence that we associate with a child’s imagination; they are freehand and free-willed, the creations of a brush liberated to do whatever it wants, to turn any smooth surface into a riotous little Eden”.

-Alexi Worth

above: Wallflower Monotype (Rose/Yellow/Shimmer Black No. 3), 2024.

top: Wallflower Monotype (Blue/Yellow/Shimmer Black No. 2), 2024.

Contact Manneken Press for current pricing/availability or additional information.

C atherine Howe’s “Wallflower” monotypes are unique works printed on Curious Metallics paper, a 300 gsm, acid-free paper with a subtle metallic shimmer on its black surface. Each impression is 39 1/2” x 27 5/8” and is signed, titled and dated by the artist, verso, in colored pencil. Additional impressions from the “Wallflower” series can be viewed on the Manneken Press website and a complete inventory list is available on request. Pricing and availability inquiries should be directed to Jonathan Higgins at Manneken Press:

“Wallflower: New Monotypes by Catherine Howe” marks a continuation of Howe’s creative relationship with Manneken Press, begun in 2019. The unique collagraphs and additional monotypes Howe created during her first visit to Manneken Press can be viewed on the Manneken Press website:

About the artist:

C atherine Howe is a New York artist with an extensive history of exhibitions and critical success over the past thirty years. She has exhibited widely throughout the United States, including shows at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; MoMA PS 1, New York; the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo.  Howe’s work has also been exhibited in Toronto, London, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Spain and the Dominican Republic. Her work has been reviewed in numerous publications including the New York Times, Artforum, Art In America, Flash Art, Artcritical, BOMB, Il Giornale dell’ Arte, New Art Examiner, and the LA Times. She was a Professor on the Graduate Painting Faculty of the New York Academy of Art, and currently lives and works in New York’s Hudson Valley.

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