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PH21 Gallery,Budapest,Gary Justis

Gary Justis at PH21 Gallery in Budapest

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A digital photograph by Gary Justis is included in “RGB”, an international juried photography exhibition at PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.

Gary Justis often uses light as both subject and material in his kinetic sculptures, digital photographs and monoprints. His recent work involves the manipulation of various light sources and a variety of reflective surfaces and objects to create mysterious figures of light, which he then photographs.   Some images reference human or alien figures, animals, imaginary plants, natural phenomena, land or spacescapes, while others are completely abstract. These digital works are realized as archival pigment prints.

Images of Gary Justis’ digital works and his recently completed monoprint series at Manneken Press can be viewed here:

The exhibition in Budapest runs through September 20, 2016.

Congratulations, Mel Cook!

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Congratulations to Mel Cook, Manneken Press artist extraordinaire, whose work is featured in the current issue of New American Paintings.

There are still two prints remaining from the amazing group of monotype/collages she made at Manneken Press in 2013, and they can be viewed here:

My copy of New American Paintings 😁

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Ted Kincaid

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Ted Kincaid talks about his recent work in this well-produced video. Kincaid is an artist based in Dallas, TX who uses both camera and computer to create images that question the veracity of the photographic image. Manneken Press publishes Ted Kincaid’s prints, all of which can be viewed here.

New monoprints by Kate Petley are now available

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The latest releases from Manneken Press are two groups of monoprints by Colorado artist Kate Petley. Petley created these related yet unique works during her visit to Manneken Press this past spring. Though she had prepared to work on several different images, we were only able to complete two. Fifteen new prints titled Upside and Sideways are now available, and Kate will be returning to Manneken Press in the coming months to continue working on the additional images.

View all the prints here:

Click here to view the online prospectus for the project.

Click here to read a recent interview with Kate Petley on Vasar 21.

Beginning a new project with Mary Judge

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St. Louis/Brooklyn/Italy based artist Mary Judge comes to Manneken Press

Mary Judge began a new project of multi-plate color aquatints last week. The prints are abstracted flower forms, a theme the artist has been investigating in various modes for a number of years.  Mary returns to Manneken Press later in the summer to continue work on this series.

Judy Ledgerwood exhibition in NYC

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“Pussy Poppin’ Power”, an exhibition of Judy Ledgerwood‘s new paintings, is currently on view at Tracy Williams Ltd., NYC. Click here for more information.

Hyperallergic published an insightful article about Judy Ledgerwood’s work in relation to the exhibition, written by John Yau, which can be accessed here. Yau contributed his poem Twenty Six Letters for Judy Ledgerwood to the portfolio of Ledgerwood’s prints Chromatic Patterns After the Graham Foundation, published by Manneken Press.

Judy Ledgerwood’s prints, created at Manneken Press in 2014, can be viewed here.

Manneken Press Judy Ledgerwood John Yao portfolio

Jack Davidson at Manneken Press

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Jack Davidson spent a week working at Manneken Press in April 2016. His unique approach to making monotypes included the use of Rorschach blots and gold leaf. Images of his prints will be added to the website shortly.

Jack is a native of Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a painter, currently living and working in Barcelona, and has had recent exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles, as well as in Europe.