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Jonathan Higgins

Metalpoint drawings by Jonathan Higgins

By November 28, 2019January 16th, 2021One Comment
Jonathan Higgins: "Untitled 1 (white)", 2019. Silver and copper on white acrylic ground on panel. 30" x 30" x 2"

above: “Untitled I (white)”,2019. Metalpoint drawing in copper and silver on acrylic ground on panel. 30″ x 30″.

F or the past several years Jonathan Higgins has been working in metalpoint. This ancient method of drawing utilizes soft metals on a variety of supports. Certain prepared surfaces allow the metal to transfer to the ground, and a range of values can be achieved by repeated marks. Higgins uses basic geometrical forms and repetitive line work to create quiet, minimal abstractions, bringing a contemporary sensibility to this old master technique. This drawing pictured above was recently sold to a collector in San Francisco. Higgins is included in Silverpoint and Metalpoint Drawing: A Complete Guide to the Medium, the definitive book on the subject written by Schwalb and Mazzullo and published recently by Routledge.

Click here to view additional metalpoint drawings by Jonathan Higgins. Additional works by Jonathan Higgins are available on Artsy.

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