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By March 30, 2020No Comments
The Pandemic Faire: an art fair for these times

The Pandemic Faire: an art fair for these times

D allas artists Ted Kincaid and Scott Anderson have created an online platform which aims to bring art to viewers and collectors during this time of self-quarantine, social distancing, and museum and gallery closures. The Pandemic Faire is a curated, virtual online art fair featuring more than 30 artists. Additional artists will be added weekly. The Pandemic Faire will continue for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. As stated by Ted Kincaid, “the only virus that could cancel our fair is digital”.

The Pandemic Faire is a no-profit endeavor. Each artist’s page includes a dozen or so images and direct links to the artist’s website and their gallery representation where viewers can directly purchase anything on display.

A proactive effort spearheaded by artists


T he COVID-19 virus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).  Because of COVID-19’s global spread, museums, art fairs, galleries, and many other art institutions and industry events have been faced with the decision to cancel, postpone, or alter their 2020 editions or planned programming. This damage to the art world’s infrastructure could be catastrophic for many artists who depend on it for their livelihoods. The Pandemic Faire is a proactive effort spearheaded by artists to take their creative output to collectors in as direct a way as possible under quarantine conditions. We urge all who care about art and artists to visit the site, and for those with means, to consider making a purchase.


Participating Manneken Press artists


T here are currently thirty eight artists participating in the Pandemic Faire. Many of them hail from the Dallas area, but artists from all over are represented, including the following Manneken Press artists:




Pandemic Faire links


P lease visit the Pandemic Faire website to view and/or purchase the hundreds of amazing works by a talented range artists.

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Read more about the Pandemic Faire:


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