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Ingenious Alchemy: Kate Petley’s Monoprints

By January 25, 2019April 20th, 2020No Comments
Kate Petley "Overture" monoprints,published by Manneken Press

Kate Petley: Ingenious Alchemy


“Ingenious Alchemy: Kate Petley’s Monoprints”, is featured on Artsy through March 15th.


Manneken Press presents a selection of monoprints by Kate Petley. She has produced these works during her several visits to Manneken since 2103. Petley’s signature intense colors and strong geometric forms and compositions feature prominently in the prints. Three images from the artist’s “Overture” series, published in 2018, are shown above. View the exhibition here.

Liz Miller recently interviewed Kate Petley for her blog: “‘I want the hint of something profound, otherworldly, maybe even humorous’ : An Interview With Kate Petley” . The discussion touches on Petley’s recent paintings, her use of photography, working methods, as well as her ongoing involvement with printmaking.

Kate Petley has had recent solo exhibitions at Robischon Gallery, Denver, and Orth Contemporary, Tulsa. Herwork has been exhibited at the MCA Denver, Museum of South Texas, Nicolaysen Museum, Martin Museum at Baylor University, Museum of the Southwest, Diverseworks Houston, Center for Contemporary Art Santa Fe, and the Harwood Museum. Petley has been featured in thirty solo exhibitions and has completed numerous public commissions and installations. The CU Art Museum, in Boulder CO, will feature Petley’s work in a major exhibition in 2020.


Kate Petley signs an impression from her “Overture” monoprint series at Manneken Press, August 2018.



“I want to push on the history of photography and painting, but I’m most interested in chasing the sublime. If I catch it, the image will present more questions than answers. “


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