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Kate Petley’s “Overture” monoprints

By September 7, 2018June 7th, 2020No Comments
Kate Petley "Overture" monoprints,published by Manneken Press

Kate Petley completed eighteen unique monoprints at Manneken Press in August 2018

Kate Petley’s Overture monoprints are now available from Manneken Press. The eighteen unique monoprints in the Overture series combine shaded gradients with strong geometric compositions and bold color. These robust images are stand alone works, and create strong geometries when grouped as pairs, trios or grids. The prospectus for this project can be viewed here.

To create the abstract compositions for her paintings, Petley begins with collaged photographic elements to which she adds painted colors and forms. Following a parallel modus operandi for the monoprint series, the photographic element is a hand-drawn gradient photo-etched into a copper plate. Color gradients and angular forms were added with a relief plate and shaped plates, respectively. The artist’s signature intense colors and clean forms carry through the Overture  series, and the transparent colors and tactile printed surfaces are unique aspects of printmaking that make these works on paper stand out.

All of Kate Petley’s prints can be viewed here.

A selection of Kate Petley’s monoprints will be available for viewing at EXPO Chicago, September 27 – 30, booth #421.

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