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Catherine Howe: Monotypes in the Garden

By July 29, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments
Catherine Howe studio: working on monotypes

Making art during a pandemic

This past Spring, when the first throes of the COVID-19 crisis were ravaging New York City, Catherine Howe retreated to her studio in the rural Hudson River Valley. Anchored there by the beauty of nature and the calm of her flower garden with it’s cycles of decay, renewal and growth, she has produced new paintings and monotypes. The garden is her muse, and Howe’s compositions are rendered in her characteristically deft, painterly marks. In this video the artist discusses her process, inspirations, and the ways in which the quarantine has affected her artistic output.

Catherine Howe studio: flower garden

Necessity is the mother of invention

Working in her home studio without the aid of a press has required innovation: Howe has developed a technique of making monotypes using acrylic paints and soy-based inks and printing with a rolling pin.

Catherine Howe studio: working on monotypes

A selection of the new monotypes are now available from Manneken Press and can be viewed here. The prints are made with acrylic and soy-based archival inks on white Stonehenge paper. For pricing and current availability contact us.

Catherine Howe studio: monotypes in progress 1
Catherine Howe studio: monotypes in progress 3
Catherine Howe studio: monotypes in progress 2
Catherine Howe studio: the artist's tools
Catherine Howe studio: flowers
Catherine Howe: "#8", 2020. Monotype, 30" x 22"

Pictured above: “#8”, 2020. Monotype, 30 x 22 inches

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