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New Monotypes by Judy Ledgerwood

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Judy Ledgerwood: "Field Of Flowers #2", 2020. Monotype, 21 1/4" x 31". Published by Manneken Press.

Fields of Vision: New Monotypes by Judy Ledgerwood


An online exhibition

Manneken Press presents:

Fields Of Vision: New Monotypes by Judy Ledgerwood”, twenty nine unique prints by acclaimed Chicago artist Judy Ledgerwood, viewable on Artsy through April 30th, 2021.

Judy Ledgerwood: "Inner Vision: Red + Horizon Blue", 2020. Monotype, 16" x 16". Published by Manneken Press.
Judy Ledgerwood: "Inner Vision: Blue + Silver + Magenta", 2020. Monotype, 16" x 16". Published by Manneken Press.
Judy Ledgerwood: "Inner Vision: Pink + Yellow + Orange", 2020. Monotype, 16" x 16". Published by Manneken Press.
Judy Ledgerwood: "Inner Vision: Black + White", 2020. Monotype, 16" x 16". Published by Manneken Press.
above: “Inner Visions” monotypes, 16″ x 16″ each



Click here to view “Fields of Vision: New Monotypes by Judy Ledgerwood”

The works in the exhibition are from a group of unique prints Judy Ledgerwood began creating in July 2020, continuing through the present. Those who are familiar Ledgerwood’s paintings will recognize signature motifs running through the monotypes: quatrefoil patterning; loose, diagonal grids; floral and yonic symbols; references to quilts, tapestry and feminine arts; intense, penetrating colors. The prints are immensely pleasurable to take in, even when viewed on a screen. All the works in the exhibition are available for purchase, and inquiries should be made to Manneken Press.

The monotypes represent a significant body of works in the printmaking medium by the artist. Since it is still ongoing, additional works will be added to the exhibition as they become available. Several older monotypes are included as well. The complete inventory of Judy Ledgerwood’s monotypes and editions published by Manneken Press can be viewed here.

Judy Ledgerwood: "Field Of Flowers #3", 2020. Monotype, 21 1/4" x 31". Published by Manneken Press.
above: “Field Of Flowers #3″, 2020. 22 1/4″ x 31”

“In 2020 Judy was to spend a week making monotypes on-site at Manneken Press, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to alter this plan and re-imagine the project. Since travel was unsafe we decided to take a remote approach: I prepared Plexiglas plates and sent them to Judy where she worked on them in her home studio, painting on them directly with watercolor and gouache paints. On a sanded surface the water-based paint flows evenly, and the impermeable plexi allows the colors to pool, run together and dry in unique patterns and textures that are distinctly different from working in an unmediated manner on paper. Once the plates were dry Judy carefully wrapped them and shipped them back to Manneken Press where they were printed. Using damp paper causes the water-based media to reactivate and the pressure of the press transfers it to the paper with great fidelity to the original image, though the image is reversed. In this process about 90% of the material transfers to the paper, resulting in a unique monotype print.”

Jonathan HigginsDirector of Manneken Press
View "Fields of Vision: New Monotypes by Judy Ledgerwood" on Artsy


Judy Ledgerwood is a contemporary painter based in Chicago. Since the 1980’s she has been exploring light, color, and space in paintings that combine the formal vocabulary of concrete abstraction with influences from pop culture to create vividly colored compositions. She combines decorative patterning, elements of textile design and other traditionally female crafts, with bold color and assertive brush strokes, traits associated with the historically male-dominated tradition of gestural abstraction. Often using stereotypically “feminine” elements, such as pastel colors and stylized floral patterns, Ledgerwood merges formalist and feminist concerns in works that are both sensual and subversive, with the ability to resonate beyond their initial impact. Extensive additional information about the artist can be found here.

Ledgerwood’s work has been exhibited widely. She has completed several prominent commissions, including paintings for the American Embassies in San Salvador, El Salvador and Vientiane, Laos; a large stained glass installation for the Bir Hakeim Paris Metro RATP Station, Paris, France; and site specific installations for the Art Institute of Chicago and Bloomberg in NYC.

Her work is included in numerous public collections, including:

  • The Art Institute of Chicago, IL
  • The Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Evanston, IL
  • Chicago Public Library, Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
  • Milwaukee Museum of Art, Milwaukee, WI
  • Oak Park Public Library, Chicago, IL
  • Swiss Bank Collection, New York, NY
  • University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Chicago, IL
Judy Ledgerwood: "Field Of Flowers/Garden", 2020. Monotype, 15" x 22". Published by Manneken Press.
above: “Field Of Flowers/Garden”, 2020. 15″ x 22″.

Of additional interest:

Judy Ledgerwood’s “Chromatic Patterns After the Graham Foundation“,  published by Manneken Press in 2014, directly relates to her site-specific, immersive installation at the Graham’s Madlener House in Chicago. The deluxe portfolio edition includes Ledgerwood’s three prints, resplendent in fluorescent red, orange and pink, and the sparkle of metallic silver which echoes the colors and patterns used in the installation, and a poem by John Yau, housed in a beautiful custom portfolio case designed by Jason Pickleman. The portfolio is a limited edition of eight sets. Individual impressions from the editions of 20 are available as well. Exclusively available from Manneken Press.

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