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Judy Ledgerwood: Fields Of Vision

By March 18, 2021No Comments

Manneken Press is pleased to present more than 30 unique monotype prints by Judy Ledgerwood.

The video shows some of these colorful works by the renowned Chicago-based artist being printed by master printer Jonathan Higgins at Manneken Press.

All of Judy Ledgerwood’s monotypes can be viewed here.

The online exhibition Fields of Vision: New Monotypes by Judy Ledgerwood can be viewed on Artsy through April 30th 2021.

Judy Ledgerwood: "Inner Vision: Violet + Umber", 2020. Monotype, 16" x 16". Published by Manneken Press.

above: “Inner Vision: Violet + Umber”, 2020 by Judy Ledgerwood. Monotype, 16″ x 16″. Published by Manneken Press.

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