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Jack Davidson at THEODORE: Art

By September 12, 2016March 21st, 2021No Comments
Jack Davidson is one of several artists included in the exhibition Deux Côtés / Two Sides at THEODORE:Art, Brooklyn, NY.

Jack Davidson, who lives and works in Barcelona, creates collages from torn, painted paper to which he adds elements such as Rorschach blots and metal leaf accents. These carefully considered compositions become the basis for his paintings. The exhibition at THEODORE:Art includes several of his collages. Exhibition dates are Sept. 9 – Oct. 17 2016.

Davidson also used collages as the basis for the monotypes he created at Manneken Press in April 2016.  Jack Davidson’s prints can be viewed here.

Manneken Press will be showing Davidson’s monotypes at the Editions/Artist Book Fair in New York, November 3-6.

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